Selected Releases
AunisTongueHERE003, Petrol, SagradaInner Hue

Selected Press
The Land, Pitchfork, New RuralMusic Magazine JPThe GuardianThe WireThe Fader, Noisey

Sterna (Nisyros ‘18), Villa Lena (Toiano ‘17)

Selected Official Remixes
PétraRyuichi Sakamoto

Selected Past Performance
Commend (New York ‘20), Het HEM (Amsterdam ‘19), SET (London ‘19), MUTEKMX (Mexico City ‘19), Club Creciente (Oaxaca ‘19), YuYu (Mexico City ‘ 19), LACMA (Los Angeles ‘19), Atopos cvc (Athens ‘18), National Sawdust (Brooklyn ‘18), Commend (New York ‘18), Human Resources (Los Angeles ‘18), 408 (Los Angeles ‘17), Echoes (London ‘16), Rewire x Korzo (Den Haag ‘16), Le Rocher de Palmer (Bordeaux ‘16), Kantine am Berghain (Berlin ‘16), Madeiradig (Madeira ‘16), The Broad (Los Angeles ‘16), Proyectos Monclova (Mexico City ‘16), MOCA (Los Angeles ’16), Human Resources (Los Angeles ’15), Abrons Art Center (New York ’14), The Music Gallery (Toronto ’14), Boiler Room (Los Angeles ’13), First Unitarian Church (Los Angeles ’13), Sónar Barcelona (Barcelona ’13), Shibaura House (Tokyo ’12), Decibel Festival (Seattle ’12), 285 Kent (Brooklyn ’12), Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid ’11)

Pétra, Body, Shattered StreamsMonument, Soundclouddublab

Insignia by Black & White